Leather Wall Punching Pad

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This Leather Wall Punching Pad target is soft and comfortable with high-quality leather, strong and resistant to constant hits, sturdy, thick and will not rip, crack, and so on. 


  • The Leather Wall Punching Pad is made of PU leather and foam, the surface is sleek and easy to clean, the inner foam pad is soft and can protect your hand.
  • The sewing is solid and durable, withstands a long time of use, you can use it for releasing pressure.
  • With holes for fixing on the wall making it easy to install, and convenient to punch. 
  • The Leather Wall Punching Pad is suitable for gym training, also good for home use.
  • The Leather Wall Punching Pad has a thickened center, high-density foam, perfect for boxing training, taekwondo practice, Wing Chun training, etc.