Power Training Heavy Battle Rope

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This Power Training Heavy Battle Rope comes with durable and comfortable coated handles. The 3-strand-thick design with 7.5 inches heat-shrink grips to protect your hands and give you a secure grip for all your training and exercises. The battle rope with high tensile strength prevents breaking, fraying, or coming loose.

  • No matter the home gym or outdoor workout, this Power Training Heavy Battle Rope is easy for you to use. It can be used for undulation, pulling, or climbing exercises, alone or as part of a team.
  • The Power Training Heavy Battle Ropes are dynamic in nature, can be a godsend for improving conditioning and general strength. Engages the hands, arms, shoulders, back, core, and even legs for a full-body workout. Provides an especially great workout for boxers, swimmers, martial artists, and players of baseball, basketball, football, and tennis