Weight-Bearing Water Bag

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The Weight-Bearing Water Bag is good for home training. It can respond to your movements in a perfectly by battling and stabilizing the shifting water throughout various movements. This is the perfect fitness equipment that can train your full body!


  • The Weight-Bearing Water Bag allows you to get a full-body exercise through the instability of water flow. which requires all muscles to work to keep one’s balance
  • You can fully control the training weight by adjusting the internal water volume.
  • The aqua bag has a soft and smooth surface to reduce friction it may have when touching your body, it hence reduces damages from injuries during workout
  • It is only 2.86 pounds when empty. It is easy to transport and prepare for exercise, Our aqua bags are perfect for cardio, high-intensity interval training for Crossfit, and all Olympic movements such as lifts, swings, curls, step-ups, and rows.